Blood Axe Warboss Showcase


This is my Blood Axe Warboss and overall leader of my army General Snikbad. This guy has had his fair share of knocks in games but has a good record of instant deathing enemy characters.

He was converted using the metal Ork Warboss with choppa. The powerclaw arm was taken from the Assault on Black Reach box set, the Kombi Skorcha-Shoota was from the Ork Warboss with attack squig. The hat was taken from an Imperial Guard Commisar and finally the boss pole was scratch built using parts from the Blach Reach Warboss and the Blood Axe symbol from the Ork Nobz box. The tubes to the power claw were made using the tube tool that can be found in the conversion parts post here:

Conversion Parts



The warboss has been painted in the same style as the rest of my army, the theme of my army is a Blood axe army that has been raiding Imperial supply lines. As a result of this there is a lot of captured Imperial equipment and this guy is no exception.

I usually run this guy with a large unit of slugga boyz in games, due to his low armour save and my own bad luck I don’t send him out hunting enemy characters. Instead of this he works well as a counter attack unit if the enemy gets to my lines.

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