Army Builder Apps



A Battlescribe and Quartermaster review

Below is a blog post from a blog that i follow called Tykens Rift. He has reviewed the 2 different army builder apps that are available at the moment. They have done this from the perspective of an iPad or iPhone user, however the apps are similar accross all platforms so the review is worth a look.

Click here to find out more:

Army Builder Apps

On a personnal note i have downloaded Quartermaster because of this review and find it to be a great app to use. I also have battlescribe on my phone (an Android) but feel that Quatermaster is the better of the two.

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2 Responses to Army Builder Apps

  1. Dangermouse425 says:

    Sweet, I’ve been meaning to redownload Battlescribe, but I might check out QM after this review and your recommendation. Nice one.

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