The Workbench

Welcome to my workbench. Here you can check out some of my vehicle conversions and building projects, both present and future. All the stuff you see on this page is part my own personal collection. (Images will be added later)

Speed freaks


6 standard ork bikers


no-image-available-mdShoota boyz

A large mob of shoota boyz



Just a standard dakkajet from the ork bommer kit.


Dread Mob


Some ork lootas for the dreadmob


no-image-available-md Killa Kans

Another mob of killa kans to finish off the dread mob for a while



Yet more gretchin this time for the dreadmob


Blood Axes


‘Ard Boyz

Some ‘Ard boyz in greatcoats using the kits from kromlech



Finally need to get around to painting my mob of grots for my blood axe army

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