Death from the Skies Review


With the release of the new flying rules or compendium Death from the Skies i was expecting to see some big changes to flyers as well as some new models hitting the shelves for other armies in 40k. However this has not been the case, so lets take a look at the book…

So the book itself comes in at £20, its softcover and and 72 pages long.

The first 20 pages cover “The Battle of Cadrim”, this campaign was featured in white dwarf when the flyers were released. In the book they extend this slightly but its mostly the same stuff as before.

After this we have the Air War Missions. They are as follows:

Mission 1: Deadly Bridgehead: Space Marines with Necron allies, against Orks.
Mission 2: Scramble; Space Marines V Orks
Mission 3: Aerial Assault: Necrons V orks with Space Marine allies
Mission 4: Death from the Skies: Necrons V Marines

Following the Air War Missions we have Burning Skies , which is simply a reprint from Crusade of Fire. After this there are 15 pages of gallery images.

Now we come to the important bit the rules update. I’ve broken it down into the Various Factions to make it easier to find whats relevant to you.

Space Marines, Black Templars, Grey Knights & Blood Angels

Storm Raven: Heavy Support: As you had probably guessed marines and templars get storm raven. Nothing for Space Wolves. Grey Knights and Blood Angels don’t get stormstrike missiles.

Storm Talon: Marines/Black Templars only. Fast Attack. A lot cheaper in points. The most expensive version is 10 points cheaper than before.


Dakkajet: No Hover. However, Strafing run, supersonic. Fighta Ace upgrade has been renamed to ‘flyboss’ instead – it basically gives him Strafing Run against things you don’t get strafing run against, aside from that, same as before.

Burna Bomber, Blitza Bomber: Seems the same as before, with obvious changes. No hover. Supersonic, waaagh plane! Points costs and upgrades are identical to White Dwarf and all previous rules released (for example the iPad Rules document). Also a burna bomb is a bomb…


DoomScythe: same as before
NightScythe: Mostly the same as before. They clarify the embarked unit rules further, the embarked unit takes no damage when it is destroyed etc.

Dark Eldar

VoidRaven/Razorwing: again these are the same. Razorwing Armour 10, VoidRaven Armour 11. Night Vision/Supersonic rules same options as the codex. They have been updated to bring them in line with 6th but this was in the FAQs anyway.

Imperial Guard

Valkyrie/Vendetta: Exactly the same as the IG codex, but with HP’s added in – Same as rulebook. Also the Grav Chute Insertion rules have been updated with the FAQ rules. Have lost Scout.


Beyond these rules there are ‘Traits’ that can be purchased for 50 points. Each race has its own unique traits, all of which are useful but im not sure they are worth 50 points each especially as they are randomly generated.

Some of the traits can be pretty nasty like the chaos traits (making the helldrake even more nasty), but again I am not a fan of the random nature of the traits, the lower traits are definitely not worth the points, and the higher traits have too low a chance to justify the cost.


So in Summary only Space Marines and Black Templars benefit from this rules compendium. Space Wolves continue to have to air support and we are still awaiting the release of flyers for other races such as Tau and Eldar. Basically unless you are a Space Marines or Black Templars player don’t bother.

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  1. Liefather says:

    thanks for description of this

    good work

  2. Dale says:

    That’s a good review! Don’t forget to credit the source that this was obtained from!

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