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Ork Looted Wagon Showcase

So today I have finally put the finishing touches on the looted wagon, the hull was finished a while back with a drybrushed layer of karak stone and then the crew were glued on their places around the tank. Advertisements

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Conversion Parts Websites

Hi Guys, just to let you know I have moved blogs over to¬†, i have moved this page over as well in order to help keep it more up to date. Follow this link to see more: Click Here   … Continue reading

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Showcase Tankbustas

Today I am showcasing my converted unit of Ork Tankbustas, I converted this unit basically because I had a lot of leftover rokkit launchers from building my Ork boy units. The unit combines parts from many kits that I found … Continue reading

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Forgeworld Ork Kommandos Showcase

Today I am showcasing my Kommandos unit that I created using the forgeworld Ork Kommandos conversion kit. I managed to get hold of a cheap set of the kit when I purchased the big mek for my army.

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Anivil industries ammo feed

Today the replacement ammo feeds that I bought to repair the biker boss arrived in the post from anvil industries. This is quite a cool pice of kit to have, it comes with 12 different ammo feeds in resin. The … Continue reading

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Showcase – Kaptin Badrukk and flash gitz

So I finished Kaptin Badrukk this morning, I’m very happy with the level of detail on the model especially the treasure map below his waist. This model was a great pleasure to have worked on and has definitely become my … Continue reading

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Looted wagon WIP

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