My Armies

Below shows the wide selection of armies i have collected over the years, some have fallen by the wayside where others have continued to grow.


My main army now, there is something about orks that appeals to the painter and modeller in me. The wide variety of colour schemes as well as the conversion opportunities has me well and truly hooked

Blood Axes

Deathskulls/Dread Mob

Speed Freaks




I have 2 eldar armies, Ulthwe and Biel Tan, i used to play these more back in 3rd and 4th edition before the current eldar codex came out when Craftworld Eldar was still legal. Unfortunately i havent gotten around to fully updating the army to fit in line with 6th edition yet, maybe when the new codex comes along (finally) i will revisit them.



This was my favourite army back with codex 3.5, unfortunately this was ruined with the last codex as all of the character was removed from chaos armies. Although now i do like the look of the current book more i have no plans to update the army currently.

Space Marines


My first armies were space marine armies, as with most people. I have plans one day to do a crimson fists army in order to run the Rynns World campaign but i definately need more orks first.

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