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Resin Bases Have Arrived

After finally deciding on my basing scheme last week i was very excited when my first batch of resin bases turned in the post yesterday. Advertisements

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Blood Axe Army

On Monday I took part in a battle report with a friend of mine from Promethean games. He wanted to have 2 fully painted armies so that he could take a few pictures and write up a full battle report … Continue reading

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Death from the Skies Review

With the release of the new flying rules or compendium Death from the Skies i was expecting to see some big changes to flyers as well as some new models hitting the shelves for other armies in 40k. However this … Continue reading

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Blood Axe Warboss Showcase

This is my Blood Axe Warboss and overall leader of my army General Snikbad. This guy has had his fair share of knocks in games but has a good record of instant deathing enemy characters.

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Army Builder Apps

  A Battlescribe and Quartermaster review  

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Forgeworld Ork Warboss on Bike Showcase

Yesterday i finished the Ork Warboss On Bike model that i have been painting this week. The last thing to finish was the base which i have painted in a wasteland style. The plan is to base all of the … Continue reading

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Warboss on bike WIP 4

The Warboss on bike is almost complete, the final details on the Warboss were completed and the bike itself has had all of the final layers and details done as well. The bike did not take too long to paint … Continue reading

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