Ork Big Trakk

So its been a while since i’ve posted on here but a lot of work has been going on. A group from our local gaming store are going down to a tournament called Vanquish held by Bristol Vanguard. This has been quite a nice incentive to get the army ready and has been driving me forwards recently with this project.

I must say i have been looking forward to this kit for a while but having got it i can say i probably won’t be getting one again for a while. Whilst i love the way it looks when its together i did have a bit of trouble putting it together. Overall i am happy with this model, the few problems i have with it are from the construction. I should hopefully be getting a full army shot together this week.





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2 Responses to Ork Big Trakk

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    I love the tusks on the front.

  2. shipwreck says:

    Nice work! I love the integration of the Imperial elements.

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