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Like most Ork players out there i am always interested in how to adapt Games Workshop kits in order to add some variation to my armies and add my own personal touch. Also sometimes there is a part you need that Games Workshop just does not make. These sites all come from a variety of sources such as forums and other blogs, as well as my own searches through google. If there are any sites i have missed then let me know in the comments section at the bottom. There are a large number of third party bits manufacturers to be found online in order to help with this very problem, whether you want orks with sambreros or space marines with roman style helmets then there is likely to be a site for you. Many of these sites have their own ranges in 28mm which is what makes them so compatable with 40k. Where possible i have included a quick summary for each site. Ive also decided to include some of the Games Workshop parts websites that i use when buying a full kit just isnt economical. – This is the site that i used for parts for my Flash Gitz conversions. They have a variety of heads, torsos, legs, accessories, weapons etc. The sculpting and detail of the components are very good, and they dispatch items quickly with reasonable postage. Although prices can be a little high. Kromlech – Another good store for Ork parts, good quality sculpts. they operate an eBay store so simply type kromlech into an ebay search to find them Micro Art Studios – This was the other site i used for the Flash Gitz conversions. The shop can be a bit of a nightmare to navigate so i just used eBay to get the parts. A good variety of ork components and again the detail on the parts is very good and the delivery was very quick. Prices can be a little high though. – another of the larger bits sites. They have parts compatible with Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Eldar and more. I have seen the extension kit they do for the storm raven and it improves the models greatly. Saldy no ork components yet but still a good site to have a look around. – this site specialises in space marine parts with a Spartan feel to them, i found the ammo feeds on this site and was impressed with the quality. Bionic parts, head replacements, torsos, legs and more for space marines, are available. – another site I recently stumbled across, Spellcrow specialises in Ork conversion parts. Further ranges include Templar parts and also skulls and other accessories. – this site sells a full range of heads, torsos, backpacks, legs and weapons. They also have a very nice range of terrain that could be used to liven up gaming tables or display boards. – an great selection of heads, shoulder pads, weapons and vehicle upgrade parts. This is where you can find the sambrero Ork heads. The company keeps fans informed with progress on new projects with a posting on Dakka Dakka. Ramshackle Games – Resin miniatures for a post apocalyptic skirmish game. All parts are available to buy separately. Lots of stuff; motors, wheels, tracks, exhausts, vehicle components and some nice ramshackle buildings. Pegasis Hobbies – A model kit webiste, they make alot of scenery kits that can be used to help scratch build Ork tanks. The parts can also be found on ebay as they are an american company so postage couls be an issue. BMF Bits – a good parts supplier, used to do ork bitz but alas has stopped now, mainly does Marine parts but also Guard and Chaos. The Bitz Store – this is where i tend to go if i need components, very quick delivery and reasonable prices. The Troll Trader – this site tends to sell used models, always useful when you need to pick up some cheap Ork boyz. They also sell other armies so if you are modelling on a budget it is worth taking a look. Hoard O bitzs – an American bits site, they sell all of their parts in bundles but it can be worth it if you are trying to get parts from large kits. Be warned they have just adjusted their international shipping rates so a bulk order is more advisable. Fantascape – a resin base shop, some very nice kits that come in a wide variety of sizes. Foundations of War – another resin base and scenery shop, also sell some accessories. WW Bits – another American bits site similar to Hoard O Bits in the fact that they sell bundles of pieces, although they have not upped their international shipping so you can order less and not have to worry about high postage costs. Startled Hedgehog – this guy has a small selection of bases that are very reasonably priced, i will be using this shop to base the majority of my models. Also gives free bags of flock with each order. BanksJohnedwards – a good ebay seller, if you are looking for Dark Vengeance models at a reasonable price then this is the place to go – a nice variety of vehicle upgrade bits. Looks as though they have recently started up but promise more releases in the future.

Masq-Mini – this site has a lot of tools to help with modelling, including the tube tool kit, which i have used and have to say it is awsome, its a very quick and easy way to make power cables with green stuff. – mostly sells resin bases, this company also has a small selection of metal upgrade bits such as heads. There is also a nice range of modelling parts available – this company has a small range of 40k-compatible bits. The main parts of interest are individual conversion sets for Imperial Guard. – They have a variety of heads and accessories which are manufactured for their own models, but these work perfectly with Imperial Guard. If i ever do a imperial guard project in the future i will take a look at these guys. – as well as being stockists of lots of other bits by other manufacturers, these guys also make a range of heads, weapons, and vehicle upgrades. Blood & Skulls Industries – a UK-based bits seller via Ebay, the parts fit well with space marines or imperial guard. Postage can be quite high so try and do a bulk order to make it worthwhile. – a large range of metal miniatures, and a resin bases, there are also a good number of conversion bits available. – some nice looking sculpts, good for head swops for guard or Space Marines. – another UK based manufacturer, this company has a great selection of models and also a smaller selection of conversion bits. – this site is seller of Shadow Forge Miniatures bits, possible to use some of these parts for head swops for Imperial Guard Minatures. – Hasslefree minatures have a broad range of minatures. They also have a range of heads, accessories, weapons and upgrades. – Zinge Industries mainly makes weapons and accessories. – the store was down when i wrote this, however i have heard good things. – another UK manufacturer, you’ll find a vast range of WWI, WWII and WW-weird heads, many of which can be used on Imperial Guard projects. The Assault Group – Mediaeval, WW2 and ultra-modern weapons, equipment and helmets. Bolt Action Miniatures – WW2 heads and weapons and accessories in 28mm scale. Litko Systems – Bases of all shapes and sizes including custom. Space Corridors and other wargaming accessories too. Antenociti’s Workshop -Scenery, Diorama, Basing and Model detailing parts, and a lot of other useful stuff. – Bases, terrain and accessories Reaper Miniatures – SF and 20th century weapon sprues. Haloomi’s Workshop – Various buildings and parts thereof, also crates and barrels, all moulded in ceramic type material. eMagnets – All kinds and sizes of magnets. Very useful for making swappable weapons and arms, etc. -For terrain or landscaping. He makes silicone molds, so you can cast your own plaster bricks and such. It’s well worth a look. Copplestone Castings – Post Doomsday civilians and military

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  3. E J says:

    Useful list, thanks!
    Dont forget Some nice conversion bits there 😀

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