Resin Bases Have Arrived

After finally deciding on my basing scheme last week i was very excited when my first batch of resin bases turned in the post yesterday.


Theses bases were ordered from a seller that i have featured on my conversion parts page called startled hedgehog. for 50 25mm resin bases and 5 40mm resin bases i payed around £12 plus post and packaging. Given the quality of the bases this was an absolute bargain and i will definately be ordering from here again.

Conversion Parts

The bases will be painted in a desert wasteland scheme that matches the overall colour scheme of the army. I will be posting a tutorial on how i achieved this look this weekend. below is the first painted base which is for the warboss.


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2 Responses to Resin Bases Have Arrived

  1. dan425 says:

    The more I look at these, the more I think they would be ideal for my planned Ad Mech army. Though it looks like the textured nature of the bases wouldn’t make for a good bond between feet and base. Let us know what it’s like once you start glueing Orks to bases!

  2. rexlogan says:

    These look super cool!

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