Showcase Tankbustas


Today I am showcasing my converted unit of Ork Tankbustas, I converted this unit basically because I had a lot of leftover rokkit launchers from building my Ork boy units. The unit combines parts from many kits that I found using various friends bits boxes.

I converted the tankhammers using some rokkits and attaching them to the top of axe shafts. As the tankhammer is a very simple device it called for a simple conversion. The Tankbustas Nob leading the unit was converted from a black reach Nob. He then had the arms replaced with arms from the Ork Nobz kit as well as some of the armour plates.

In battle I tend to use these guys to try and hunt down the big threats to my main battle line. However I tend to find the glory hogs rule makes them chase down drop pods and rhinos rather than actual threats. Although once they did take down a land raider, they usually have quite a mixed impact. Like all orks shooting tends to be disappointing when compared to combat.

I plan to add some bomb squibs to the unit at some stage as I find the concept very entertaining. Tankbustas remain for me a unit that is worth having just in case but certainly can’t be relied on.

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