Mega Dread WIP 2


Since I started painting the Mega Dread yesterday I have been making quite a lot of progress on the paint job. Originally I was going to use the airbrush to do large areas of the model but when I sat down to start t,he model I changed my mind and went with brushes instead.

The metal was done in much the same way as I do the metal on all of my other models, although on a much larger scale. I did use the airbrush to help apply the 2 stages of washes on the metal as applying them with a brush would have been too time consuming.

The blue stage was then painted over some metal areas and over the main armoured areas. The first stage was a base coat of Macragge Blue, followed by a Nuln Oil wash, then another stage of Macragge Blue and then a final layer of Altdorf Guard Blue.

Hopefully I can make some more progress on this guy later so I can make a start on the Killa Kans and Deff Dread mid week.

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