Mega Dread WIP 1


After having a number of issues with transporting the Mega Dread I decided that I needed to create a base for it.

I started off by getting a piece of plywood and cutting it down to the size of a standard CD. After tidying up the edges I placed the mega dread and marked out where dread would stand on the base. After this I placed the resin parts that I bought from kromlech in order to tie in the base with the rest of the army.

Once the parts were glued in place I used PVA glue on the rest of the base and the applied brick dust around the resin pieces. Then once the glue was dried I applied some sand to fill in some areas where the brick dust was a bit thin.

The final stage was to glue the dread to the base and fill the areas around his feet in with more sand and brick dust where there were gaps. The results of this can be seen below.


And with the black base coat.


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