Deff Dread 2 WIP


I managed to pick a Deff Dread up on eBay the other day for a very cheap price. It turned up Friday morning in the post and while it was missing a couple of pieces and was a bit damaged overall I am happy with it.

Above you can see the condition it arrived in, the first job was to fix the right arm which had been broken in the post. After this I attached the 2 rokkit launchers to the body. The right arm was also missing he connection for a power claw so I had to convert the arm a bit using a spare killa kan arm.

The shoulder guards were trimmed down so that they fitted closer to the body. I also removed the jaw and replaced it with the jaw with tusks.


The exhausts on the back will be converted using some styrene tubes that I am waiting to have delivered. After this I may add some more detail , hopefully this week I can get hold of some more killa kans as well to fill out the dread mob more.

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1 Response to Deff Dread 2 WIP

  1. dan425 says:

    A good eBay bargain. Well salvaged from a broken model!

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