Blood Axe Waaagh Banner


I picked up one of the assault on black reach Ork Nobz today in order to convert a Waaagh banner for my unit of Ork Nobz in my blood axe army. The first thing to do was to cut off the slugga arm as it is at an unnatural angle and doesn’t look right.


Next I attached one of the old metal ork nobz Waaagh banner arms to the side where the slugga arm had been removed. I also glued a backpack holding stick bombs onto the back of the model in order to fill it out a bit.


The last part of the main model was to glue a slugga arm on the model from the ork nobz set. The head was also from the assault on black reach set as this was different from the other heads that I have already used.



Once the nob had been finished I started on making the banner, in order to achieve this I drew out the shapes that would make up the final design on a piece of plasticard. Once this was all cut out I glued all of the pieces together. This was then glued to a piece of wire and attached to the banner pole arm on the ork nob.

All that’s left on this model is to add some trophies and rivet details to the banner and this guy is ready for painting.



I also decided to convert a painboy for the unit, this model also needs a few green stuff details in order for it to be finished. This was a fairly simple conversion using plastic parts from the ork boyz sprue.

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