Looted Wagon WIP 3


So after finally getting my airbrush up and running I have managed to make a start on the first of my tanks that have been waiting on my painting shelf to be started.

The first coat took a while as I had to get used to the general use of the airbrush and what thickness to mix the paint etc. however the effort was worth it and I am happy with the results. Also the process was slowed somewhat by the fact that I base coated in black which is harder to cover.

The first layer that has been applied is tall arm sand, I wanted the tank to match the theme of the army which is dessert wasteland themed. I am following the guide found on Forgeworld on how to use their weathering powders. The link is shown below

weathering powders guide

The next stages will be a wash of seraphim sepia, followed by karak stone, the paints on the guide are the old paints but by using the conversion chart it was easy to translate it to the new paints.

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3 Responses to Looted Wagon WIP 3

  1. Wayne says:

    I just found your forum and its really good, making me want to stop my chaos marines and start converting my orks again.

    • Cheers dude, I must say out of all of the armies that I have collected orks have been the most fun to convert and paint.

      What chaos do you do?

      • Wayne says:

        Chaos undivided only just started them up. I’ve got a marine squad painted, doing warp talons ATM. The orks are good to convert, that’s the fun part.

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