Ork Looted Wagon Showcase


So today I have finally put the finishing touches on the looted wagon, the hull was finished a while back with a drybrushed layer of karak stone and then the crew were glued on their places around the tank.

The metal on the tank was don in much the same way as the rest of the army, with agrax earthshade and seraphim sepia being used to give the metal a dirty look.The details on the tank hull were then added using a sponge and detail brush a mix of dryad bark and abbadon black was applied to any areas that I wanted to be scratched or weathered. After this leadbelcher was lightly
applied to show the bare metal.

Finally the model was finished off with weathering powders as I described in the previous WIP for this project. This was sealed using a layer of satin varnish. Below you can see some more shots of the looted wagon. I enjoyed making this model greatly and am looking forward to adding another to my blood axe army.







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