Showcase Ork Lootas


Today I am showcasing the Loota Boyz mob from my blood axe army. These guys were one of the first units that I got for my army when I began collecting again. Their ranged weapons making them invaluable at slowing down opposing armies.

As with most units in my blood axe army they are painted in a uniformed colour scheme, having the same khaki and brown uniforms as the other orks in the army. The mek who leads them has also been painted to match.

In battle these guys tend to be used to destroy enemy transports and light vehicles, with the change in rules in 6th making glancing hits more dangerous they have become even more valuable. Although conventional Internet wisdom states that you should always have three units in any ork army I tend to only use one unless I am trying to build a competitive tournament style list in which case I use Two. In my opinion there are too many cool units in the Ork army to solely rely on one.

At some point I plan to add another squad to my blood axe army, as well as a unit to the dread mob list.

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