Kill bursta 2


I’ve managed to make a lot of progress on the kill bursta since yesterday, all of the main bod is now completed and the tracks have now been attached.

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Kill bursta 1


So after a long break from orks I have decided to finally put together my kill bursta tank. With apocalypse being re released I am interested in getting my orks ready for any battles that I can take part in down at my local club.

This along with the speed freaks army I am planning to build should give me quite a sizeable horde of troops to play with.

While I quite like the forge world kits they can be quite labour intensive at times, I am looking forward to getting this finished and on the tabletop.


The tracks are looking like the main problem with this model, everything else so far has gone together quite easily.

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Tale of gamers update


So I just wanted to do a quick update this week, I have finally got hold of the models to start my tale of gamers army this month. As you can see from the above I have started off by building 2 ork Trukks.

The next step will be to build the ork boyz squads to go with both of these so hopefully I will have a bigger update after the weekend. I also have a new toy that has arrived this week, hopefully I can get some time to put that together and post about it next week.

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Tale of Gamers


This month my gaming group have started a tale of gamers as motivation for the regular group to start a new army. The aim is to finish an army within 5 months with a campaign at the end to celebrate.

For the tale of gamers I have decided to start a speed freaks army, I already have done a couple of units with the warboss on bike and the Deffkoptas (warboss shown above). I hope also to build this army on a budget each month as well.


The plan for this first month is to get hold of an ork battleforce in order to make a couple of squads of trukk boyz. The ork bikes I will keep to once side for next month in order to make the unit of nob bikers.

At the end of each month I hope to post updates on my own work and everyone else in the group.

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Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnaught for Sale

relic contemtor

My friend over at paint my bitz has been busy again, this time he has come up with a Imperial Fists Contemptor dreadnaught that he is currently selling on ebay.

I’m  a big fan of the more gritty imperial fists colour scheme he has used on this model. Take a look at some more pictures via the link below:

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Ork deffkoptas showcase


With tale of gamers round the corner I’m now beginning to get geared up to start a new army, albeit a new ork army. With the finishing touches left to do on the Pulsa Rokkit and the Ork Nobz I only have a few things left to do.

A couple of months ago I painted these deffkoptas to go along with the new speed freaks army. Although I am meant to wait, deffkoptas are some of my favourite models so I couldn’t on this occasion.

In a couple of weeks time we will be starting the tale of gamers, closer to the time I will be giving more details about what the overall plan is.

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Deff Dreads WIP 2


I have managed to make some more progress with the remaining 2 Deff Dreads for my dread mob army. All of the metal has been completed and the blue armour complete with weathering. All that is left to do now are some of the smaller details and the bases.
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Ork Nobz WIP 3


I’ve managed to make some more progress on the Ork Nobz for my blood axe army. 4 more have now been finished in the unit making a total of 6, now all that is left to finish are 2 more Ork Nobz and the painboy for the unit.

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Pulsa Rokkit WIP 3


Having had access to an airbrush today I have managed to make some progress on the Ork Pulsa Rokkit project. The metal has been completed in the same way as the Deff Dreads and the Mega Dread. After this I painted some of the panels various colours to represent the Rokkit being made from salvaged parts.
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Ork Nobz WIP 2


There has been some progress made with the Ork Nobz for my Blood Axe army, all of the green skin has been completed on the unit. Now I am progressing through doing 2 at a time. The first models to be completed are a Waaagh banner and a power claw nob. Below you can see the models with the finished paint job.
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