Evil sunz boyz

After a bit of a break this summer from painting orks I have begun to make progress on the speed freaks army I was meant to start earlier this year. I now have a loose plan for what I want in the army at least to begin with.

Recently I had a bit of a building session where I managed to put together a total of 80 ork boyz from various sources including finding some old models in the loft. So with this in mind I sat down on the weekend to start making some progress on my ever growing work queue.


Due to the fact that there are a lot less boyz in this army and that I want this to be more of a tournament/ show army I spent a bit more time on each model by reducing the size of the batches I was painting in. I also managed to base a unit for the first time in a long while which was satisfying if time consuming. At some point I will need to set some time aside to base the rest of my orks (a daunting task to say the least).

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1 Response to Evil sunz boyz

  1. dan425 says:

    Great to see you posting again, looking forward to seeing some more Orks and awesome vehicle conversions soon.

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