Ork deffkoptas showcase


With tale of gamers round the corner I’m now beginning to get geared up to start a new army, albeit a new ork army. With the finishing touches left to do on the Pulsa Rokkit and the Ork Nobz I only have a few things left to do.

A couple of months ago I painted these deffkoptas to go along with the new speed freaks army. Although I am meant to wait, deffkoptas are some of my favourite models so I couldn’t on this occasion.

In a couple of weeks time we will be starting the tale of gamers, closer to the time I will be giving more details about what the overall plan is.

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1 Response to Ork deffkoptas showcase

  1. jenodonnell says:

    Nice paint job on the deffkoptas. The metal looks slick.

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