Ork Pulsa Rokkit WIP 2


Yesterday I managed to make some progress with my Ork Pulsa Rokkit project. The base was built using a circular piece of wood that I purchased in a hobby shop. I then found a few odd bits to add to the base to represent scrap as that is the theme of the army.

Once these were glued into place on the base I then used brick dust in the same way that I had built the Mega Dreads base. Following this up with sand to fill in any gaps. After this I added some wire and more scrap pieces laying around the base to finish off.

The crew have been kept separate for the time being in order to paint them properly were taken from the old metal big guns, however the mek and the plastic grot were built from spare parts I had in my bits box. Below you can see the crew and more shots of the Pulsa rokkit



This shot shows the crew arranged on the base.


And finally with the Rokkit itself on.


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