Ork Nobz Wip


The other day I found a good deal on eBay for some Ork Nobz including one of the old metal Waaagh banners mostly put togetherfor £9 including p&p. on Wednesday these arrived in the post.

Immediately I set to work putting the finishing touches on the few that arrived as well as building a couple more that I managed to pick up spare from promethean games. I managed to put together 6 in total for this squad (as well as another 2 for different projects).

Along with these guys I plan to add a painboy and a Waaagh banner, although the metal one I got with this purchase will go towards my planned speed freaks army I will convert a banner to fit in with the Blood Axe army style. How exactly this will look I haven’t quite decided, it’s either going to be a captured imperial banner or a large blood axe symbol like the one show below that I found on dakka dakka.


Although this conversion is pretty cool.


Anyway I have some time to think about it as these guys have joined the back of a rather long painting list at the moment.

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