Showcase Forgeworld Angron


So today I am showcasing the Forgeworld Angron model that a friend of mine recently finished as part of a commission. If you go over to his Facebook page Paintmybits you will be able to see his work in progress shots.

Here are some of the shots of the model, enjoy!

644324_10151440840844420_298971742_n 150408_10151440840424420_822871888_n 285747_10151440840484420_1967303984_n 374438_10151440840269420_1422136505_n 421809_10151440840329420_779815812_n 426497_10151440840769420_610593520_n 479811_10151440840249420_238626398_n 482728_10151440840739420_703604800_n 542677_10151440840709420_1949634362_n 555403_10151440840489420_1980676943_n 601569_10151440840629420_915364703_n 625649_10151440840619420_53347003_n

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