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Constructed mega dread

It took 3 and a half hours (and 2 super glue malfunctions) to put together but it is finished, shown above next to an ork dread and a space marine dread for size comparison. I decided against using the crew … Continue reading

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Mega dread

I just picked up my mega dread, hopefully I will find some time to put this together later otherwise I will have to wait until tomorrow. In painting news I have made a start on Kaptin Badrukk today, he is … Continue reading

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Painting Tutorial – Painting Orks

I have a simple method to paint ork flesh. I only use 4 paints and it is fairly easy to batch paint using this method, which is a good thing when you use the green tide tactic and have loads … Continue reading

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Dok Grotsnik WIP

So yesterday I also had a metal model of Mad Dok Grotsnik turn up in the post.

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Kaptin Badrukk WIP

I recently ordered a Kaptin Badrukk model from eBay to lead my flash gitz mob. Although I got him in metal instead of finecast I was pretty happy with the purchase.

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Looted wagon WIP

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