Blood Axe Army


On Monday I took part in a battle report with a friend of mine from Promethean games. He wanted to have 2 fully painted armies so that he could take a few pictures and write up a full battle report to go on their site.

Unfortunately I lost, although 1 more turn and things could have been different, and despite using a lot of units that I would not usually use in one list, such as my flash gitz and Tankbustas it was a great game and a good showcase to have 2 fully painted armies on the tabletop.

After this game though I have developed a severe disliking for blood angels sanguinary priests, feel no pain to models in power armour is very nasty and the 6″ bubble makes it even worse. Next time I will have to make sure my looted wagons are painted up in order to deny them those saves..

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5 Responses to Blood Axe Army

  1. dan425 says:

    Great looking army. Have you left the bases black as a choice, or have you not decided on a theme yet?

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