Forgeworld Ork Kommandos Showcase


Today I am showcasing my Kommandos unit that I created using the forgeworld Ork Kommandos conversion kit. I managed to get hold of a cheap set of the kit when I purchased the big mek for my army.

The unit was constructed using normal ork boys converted with a variety of parts from various other ork kits. I included 2 burnas in the unit as these are very versatile weapons that can take on troops in armour or massed troops. The Nob has a power claw to help deal with tanks. The nob is a simple head swop using the body from the ork boyz kit and the head from the Kommandos conversion kit.

In battle I tend to either use this unit as a harassment unit to attack the enemy’s rear units, or they go tank hunting where the Nobs power claw can make the difference. I used to outflank them but since you can no longer assault from reserves I have stopped this, they now tend to hide out of sight until they are needed.

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