Looted Wagon WIP 2


So yesterday I made a start on the looted wagon, I had base coated it black a few weeks back and decided I wanted to paint the crew that weren’t already attached to the tank. Hopefully I can also explain the various areas of the conversion more with the pictures.

The crew were painted to match the rest of the army with khaki uniforms with brown and black details, shown next is the tank commander model from the stompa kit.


The turret was a simple part of this conversion, it’s simply the turret from the battlewagon kit with the killkannon from the battlewagon upgrade kit. I’ve seen this used in other looted wagon conversions and I feel this matches the artwork in codex orks well.


This picture shows the left side of the looted wagon, this is where the radio operator is standing, there is a theme running through my blood axe army that every unit has some form of communication device, and the looted wagon is no different. This guy was taken from the stompa kit with his legs swopped so he would be more stable. Also you can see a grot with a hammer, also from the stompa kit sitting on the baneblade barrels at the back of the engine.

The turret on the side was made using the leman russ side sponson with some of the side cut away to reveal more of the gretchin gunner firing the big shooter. The big shooter is from the battlewagon kit and the grot is from the stompa kit.


The last shot is a rear shot showing the engine, as I said in the previous post about the looted wagon the engine is from the ork trukk sprue. Although it has been heavily trimmed in order to make it for in the gap in the leman russ.

The 2 crew with spanners are on this side, the rear crew is from the stompa kit and the grot on the right side of the looted wagon is from the battlewagon upgrade kit.

Hopefully I will be able to do an update soon with further progress once the airbrush has arrived, the plan for the main hull of the tank is to paint it a desert yellow colour to match the rest of the army then use weathering powders to add detail.

Looted Wagon Part 1>>

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