Killa Kans WIP


So I mentioned on Monday on my job list that I had some killa kans ready to paint up. Shown above is the image. Of them taken out of the box and ready to be built on sprues. The 1 thing that irritates me about these kits that games workshop produces is that they don’t give you the parts to arm each killa kan with the same gun. So I had to go on eBay and find a couple of extra missile launchers to use.


As I quite like the look of the kit and it was my first set I decided not to make any changes and construct them straight out of the box ( with the additional missile launchers). Eventually I plan to have quite a lot of different units of killa kans so will do more conversions in the future.

killa kan 3

Killa Kan 1

killa kan 1

Killa Kan 2

killa kan 2

Killa Kan 3

So with that the killa kans are off to be base coated. Hopefully I can get my hands on a pot of seraphim sepia soon and my airbrush arrives so I can make a start on all of these models.

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