Job list


After a busy week last week I felt it necessary to take stock of all of the models that I currently have waiting to be painted in my collection at the moment. Unfortunately being without one of the paints I need for all of the models painting will be somewhat delayed for a few days.

So currently waiting on my workbench I have:

  • a unit of slugga boyz
  • a looted wagon
  • a mega dread
  • a deff dread
  • a unit of killa kans
  • dok grotsnik
  • a warboss on bike
  • a unit of burna boyz to be finished
  • So a fair amount of work to be done, although I am waiting for my airbrush to arrive before I start on any of the tanks and walkers there is still enough to keep me going.

    Alongside the orks I also have some dark angels from the dark vengeance set that I will be painting up and writing tutorials on. Once I have finished these I will hopefully sell them in order to make some money for more orks!

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