Showcase – Kaptin Badrukk and flash gitz


So I finished Kaptin Badrukk this morning, I’m very happy with the level of detail on the model especially the treasure map below his waist. This model was a great pleasure to have worked on and has definitely become my favourite ork model in my army. It’s almost a shame he will be restricted to larger games.

Shown with him are my converted Flash Gitz, this was the first unit that I converted and built when I started back with the hobby last year. They were inspired by a post I found on warseer which you can see here:

The models were made from a variety of sources, the body’s were from Microart Studios, the guns and some of the heads are from Maxi Mini. The models were then finished off with parts from a variety of ork kits including the Nobz and boyz sprues.

While I wanted them to fit in with my blood axe army I also wanted them to stand apart from the normal boyz as they are meant to be freebooterz or hired guns. With this in mind I used the same colour pallet of khaki and browns but used black as the predominant colour with red details.






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