Constructed mega dread


It took 3 and a half hours (and 2 super glue malfunctions) to put together but it is finished, shown above next to an ork dread and a space marine dread for size comparison. I decided against using the crew member on top so I will use him for another project in the future.

It is such a great model to have in my collection and I am very happy now the dread mob is starting to take shape. I now have 1 type of each walker in my army, except a stompa but that is a project for another day.

I still need to build a base for it to help with moving it around as some of the parts are very fiddly.

Now he just needs his base coat and I can think about starting. Although I have run out of seraphim sepia so progress on painting at the moment is a bit slow. I’m hoping to have Badrukk finished by tonight so will be able to have an update with him tomorrow.

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