Kaptin Badrukk WIP


I recently ordered a Kaptin Badrukk model from eBay to lead my flash gitz mob. Although I got him in metal instead of finecast I was pretty happy with the purchase.

This is one of my favourite models from the ork range, he has a great pose and and awesome gun to boot. Although rules wise he is a bit over costed (as are flash gitz in general), in larger battles and apocalypse he will have his place.


As a metal model he took a bit longer to super glue together as I was unable to pin him at this point. Maybe if he breaks I will get around to pinning him but until then I am happy he will stay together.

Now he’s off to be primed. Hopefully I can get him painted this weekend, once this is done I will get a full post done with all the flash gitz.

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