Looted wagon WIP

Looted Wagon WIP

Above is a picture of my converted looted wagon, unfortunately I was unable to take more pictures whilst it was in progress. Below is a list of all of the parts that were used:

  • leman russ hull
  • battlewagon turret and foot plates
  • ork stompa crew
  • ork trukk engine and glyphs
  • battlewagon upgrade killkannon
  • baneblade barrels
  • a few other assorted bits

The inspiration for this came from a variety of sources, there are a number of conversions that can be found on google and different elements that I liked from each was incorporated into this.

The most complicated part of this was getting the engine to fit in the back. This required both the opening at the back of the hull to be widened, as well as the engine to be trimmed down a bit. After this the barrels were stuck on the back and the pipes were arranged with some green stuff so they linked with the engine.

The turrets on the side were cut back a bit in order to allow the grot crew to be seen and to fit the big shootas. The battlewagon footplates were stuck behind in order to have places for additional crew to stand.

The turret was simple as it was simply constructed and put in place. The hole for the leman russ needed to be widened slightly so that the turret would swing, this was done with a file.

With that the wagon is off to be base coated.

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